Well it seems that jimbop from the U.K. on another thread believes that he has figured out film pricing. He intends to buy it from Freestyle in the U.S. instead of U.K. retailers! The savings may not be as big as he hopes but I wish him well and I detect some small signs that the massive price differential between the U.S. and the U.K. and Europe is beginning to be appreciated by a bigger number of APUGers than I had previously detected.

So far I have yet to see any kind of rigorous defence that justifies this difference in price on straight incontrovertible economic facts.

However unless some individual or company can undertake mass importation and take advantage of the economics of scale the benefits to the average user's film and other materials volume may mean that the effort of ordering from the U.S. is not matched or barely matched by the reward.

That conclusion will also be the one drawn by the manufacturer(s) and in a nutshell means or so they think, that it will never be more than a small irritation to them.

However I do hope that this rise in user concern over price differentials will at least make the manufacturer(s) think.

I will not however hold my breath