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The poor mans Contax 645 in terms of what? Image quality?
In terms of ergonomics and practical use. I built my 501C to be a Contax 645 basically or at least function like one.

I don't like to use the waist level finder as it's usually a pain for the street photography I enjoy, however the look is
quite interesting. It's got a real 3D feel to it but again I need something eye level. Everything else about my Hassy I enjoy
really, but I would love AF confirm. Autofocus would be nice but AF confirm would be amazing.

I expected the frame to be more like 16x9, I figured it wouldn't be quite like it but I figured I'd have more options with landscape
and portrait than what I'm currently imagining.

So basically, I really enjoy my 501C but I would like it to perform better for the conditions it's generally in. Which is street photography
or even wedding portraiture. Rather have AF confirm to know I am not wasting a shot. Suggestions?