Well, my M645AF definitely has AF confirm on all MF lenses, two triangles for too close/far, and a dot between for perfect. I've also put in the 'C' type screen for MF lenses (I don't have any AF lenses, I bought one but sent it back because the aperture didn't stop down).
It worked well enough a few weeks ago for my 80/1.9 in a room dark enough that I was shooting 3200 at 1/60 wide open. It isn't so accurate when you stop-down, sometimes it blinks that it can't confirm focus, but if you're at that point then you're stopped down enough to not have to worry.

With regards to metering using MF lenses, all you get is Spot, Evaluative only works with AF lenses. And I did think I had a problematic meter when a lot of shots came back really dark. But the real problem was using stop-down metering and my eye wasn't sealing the eye-cup perfectly, stray light from the eyepiece was bumping up the ev by 3 stops or more. Learn to use and love the viewfinder blind when stopping down to meter and/or with the sun behind you.