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Thanks bdial,

I shall look out for one.

Right now I have 8" x 10" trays for development, stop and fix. As I was going to buy a tank instead of a print washer (which I don't have), is there a way to rinse without one of those print washing trays with hoses? Or will I need to get one of these before acquiring a tank?

There is other equipment I need to get too, for example, print drying racks.
A slightly larger tray (11x14?) plus a Kodak tray siphon works well.

I use two trays stacked one over the other. There are holes drilled in one end of the top tray. The water goes into the top tray and then drains into the bottom tray. The prints start in the bottom tray and finish in the top.

You need to check them regularly to make sure they don't stick together.