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Won "overall"? Well of course. It was the cheapest iso 100 film in the market. For the price it was the best "overall" film by far. And one of my all time favorite, partly because of its gorgeous looks and partly because it was the cheapest

RMS ratings place APX second to TMX in the granularity department and very, very far away in the sharpness/resolving department. You may not agree with this but it's all over Google and it's all over my prints as well. I can't argue against that.
Eh? TMX didn't even EXIST when they did that comparison. It was pre-t-grain days then. And I don't remember the individual scores, though I might possibly have that issue in a box somewhere. The competition was Plus-X, FP4 (I think pre +, not sure when the plus was added) and Neopan 400. Neopan came in second and a friend of mine changed from Plus-X to it because we could buy it locally, or at least he could (he lived about 30 miles away, we were friends via ham radio and the high school yearbook photographers for our respective schools, which places this about 1980 or 81 or so.)

If by claiming it was not fine grained you mean it was coarser grained than TMX, I agree. So is everything else in conventional film, even Pan-X was. But it was finer grained than Plus-X, for example. Since you like RMS figures, APX100 was rated at RMS 9, Plus-X at RMS 10:



You may not agree with that either but it's all over the web.