This is exactly the tip I would like to share.

I can get about 18.5 rolls of 39exp out of 100ft with this method - for a standard 36exp roll film I usually get 39exp out of it, so here I am seeking for equivalent in bulk loading. In this case, I stops when I hear 42 clicks with my Arden 74 bulk loader.

But later I realized this is not the best for archiving because the sleeve I use is 6 x 7. For 39 exp, it becomes 6 x 6 + 3. Half row of the sleeve is wasted.

So now I stop at 39 clicks when bulk loading. It gives me about 35-36 exp per roll. And I can get about 20 rolls out of 100ft.

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If you don't like losing three frames with a Watson or other tear drop you need a changing bag as well as loader.

snip film with 1 inch protruding from trap attach spool and cassette.

zip into cbag open trap of loader seat cassette push in winder close light trap and loader door unzip bag, open light trap wind on 41 or 42 frames.