I'm selling my Mamiya Universal Press camera and accessories. It is the newer model in all black finish, however the rangefinder housing had a lot of brassing and dents in it so I swapped it out for the silver housing from an older Universal. The rangefinder is clear and accurate. The lens has no visible flaws, except for minor amounts of dust which don't affect the image quality. There is no haze or fungus. No oil on the aperture blades. The coatings are intact and look like they might have some very light cleaning marks. The shutter fires and is accurate to the ear at all speeds. It doesn't drag on the slower speeds. The shutter might be slightly slow but it is consistent with it's own speeds i.e. each speed is still incrementally faster than the last. The cable release trigger works easily and consistently. The Polaroid back is in good working condition. The rollers are clean and turn freely and it includes a dark slide. I also have a vintage camera bag that I got with this camera. It is hard-sided with felt interior and just barely fits the camera with the lens collapsed. I've used this setup for many polaroid shots and even synced my strobes with it, so I can confirm the pc sync port works as well. This is a great camera for someone looking to shoot pack film and have all the creative control of manual. This is basically the same thing as the Polaroid 600SE except there is an adaptor available for the Universal to make it compatible with 6x7 and 6x9 roll film backs, and there are more lenses available for this particular camera. I'm selling this since I also have a Super23 that I use for roll film and a converted 110a for pack film.

Looking to get $500 + S/H from Ohio. If that sounds steep, message me and make me an offer.