It is a bit of a lottery what you get charged as UK Customs have a complicated list of items with different charge bands. Try to get advice and you won't get helped - it is all down to you - so you take a chance. Sometimes you win and sometimes you dip out. Recently I was charged a 54 surcharge on a lens board from sent from the USA - the original cost was approximately 16 + 8 to ship to the UK. Fortunately the seller was very understanding and advised refusing to pay the surcharge so it got sent back to him. After about 8 weeks it arrived back in the USA and the seller very kindly did a refund on the goods. So be careful would be my advice. But I have had reasonable charges applied before on items from the USA and paying them wasn't an issue. It all depends how the items are classified by UK Customs and indeed if it gets looked at upon UK arrival.