I thought I would pass along some information in case you are not aware. I have a nine + year old 2200 that is not for sale but recently while printing a notice came up that immediate servicing was needed although it was printing perfectly. I checked on the Epson website and was advised that repairs could be expensive and to consider buying a new printer. Further research indicated that most likely the ink pads were full and replacement by me (who is not familiar with printer repair) is ill advised. I found a local Epson technician who made the necessary repairs for $160 including the $90 pads and he reset the counter to zero. He told me that the printer keeps track of each job and assigns a number of points. When it reaches a predetermined number the notice comes up and after exceeding that number by a reasonable amount it will shut down and not print. It works like brand new now. So getting an older well used printer could be close to that magic number.