I've been going crazy lately buying cameras.

Yesterday I bought a Pentax SuperProgram with a Cosmicar 35-70 lens / Pentax AF280T flash / filters / bag / etc for $25. I still have my original SuperProgram which I bought new in 85, however, years of heavy use have taken their toll. The one I bought yesterday looks like it was hardly used.

2 days ago I picked up a Canon Sure Shot Z135 for $4. This P&S looks to be a nice little camera.

Saturday I bought a Minolta Freedom Tele for $2. This is the P&S that's identical to the Leica AF-C1.

Then last Wednesday, I bought a near mint Minolta Electro Shot for $25 (with case.) It's quite similar to the HiMatic 7, but uses a Seiko electronic shutter. I'm waiting for a battery to arrive in the mail.

Yea, I need therapy.