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I posted the Kalogen formula on APUG some years ago. I recently received a private message concerning its keeping properties. When comparing the original formula with that published in the Dignan Newsletter it seems that the author adjusted the ratio of Metol to hydroquinone without adjusting the amount of sodium hydroxide. The Dignan formula therefore contains too much hydroxide so I offer this modification. Add the hydroxide slowly with stirring until the precipitate just dissolves. At this point stop adding the hydroxide. Then continue on as usual. This method then resembles that used to prepare Rodinal.

I don't use a developer exactly the same as that published. As a starting point I would try a development time for films 1+59 of 5 - 7 m at 20C.
Yes, I remember reading it and also the controversy about who and exactly when it was invented. So, if one stops at just the right time with the Hydroxide addition do you thing the shelf life would be near that of the original Rodinal? JohnW