I have a C.P. Goerz Berlin Dagor Series III f/6.8 120mm lens serial # 612728. I was wondering if anyone could date it? The shutter is a Compur Rapid serial # 311589.

Is this one of the Burke & James remounts or is it off a 9x12 folder?

It doesn't have an aperture scale engraved, the aperture plate is blank. I bought it around 1996 or so thinking I would use it on a 5x7 view camera but never did. Around 2005 had it mounted for my Cambo 23SF but forgot about it. Last week I found it in a box of stuff for my Cambo that I had in storage. I've never used it as I need to get an aperture scale for it.

Is it worth having someone like SK Grimes make an aperture scale for it?

Dagor 120mm main.jpg

Rear element:

Dagor 120mm rear.jpg

Shutter serial number:

Dagor 120mm compur shutter no.jpg