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Per P-H Pont's Goerz chronology, 1923. It has been remounted, the Compur Rapid shutter was made from 1934-51. There's no telling where the cells came from. B&J probably wasn't involved.

If the glass is in good order and it forms a decent image on the GG (you'll use a 2x3 camera, won't you?) and you don't already have a good lens around that focal length it might be worth spending the money. If you want to use it on 5x7, save your money and get a modern lens that covers the format well.
Dan, Dan, the lens is a B&J. "Series III" is the clue. A real Berlin made lens would be marked "Serie", and a Berlin made Goerz with a serial in that range would simply be marked "Dagor"; they dropped the series designation somewhere in the late 300,000 range as far as I can tell. It would also have the focal length in CM. It will cover 4x5 with very little room for movements, assuming the coverage is normal for a Dagor.

Aoresteen, it could be a good lens, but the B&J remounts are all over the map. Dagors are very sensitive to spacing, so take some photos with it before you spring for an aperture scale. Stop down to at least f:16 for testing purposes.