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Hopefully it has better QC and less light piping. Please let us know what the box says for a country of origin and how it works for you. We want all the sordid details, time, temp, etc!
My primary interest in this film is as a replacement for my Efke 25. I will do some testing against my current stock of Efke R25 and I also have a bit of Pan F 50 lying about so that is possible.

I'll develop this with D76 first since that is my primary developer, but if any of you have any suggestions I am certainly open. I also have some HC110, Rodinal, DDX and Diafine in the house right now. I really have no plans to pick up any other developers right now so that is the selection.

Although I would love to try this out in the P67 I won't be able to do that this time. I will be using the P645Nii since it is a very reliable camera and gives me more frames to play with. I also have a pretty decent selection of lenses for this camera.

I am not very experienced in film testing so any suggestions on how best to go about this is certainly appreciated.

I will be very surprised if this makes it to me very quickly so it is not likely that I will be able to do anything with it until after the Holiday Season.