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I guess it would probably come down to what you classify as landscape, most of the galleries I visit here in the west, seem to have an overwhelmingly amount of enviormental elements fine art shots on the walls, such as old towns, cabins and that type of stuff, myself personally the majority of my prints are wildlife and enviormental stuff.

I'm doing something wrong then. A very well-known and respected photographer says that over 90% of collectors of photography live in New York City and do not collect black and white landscape photography. My own personal research varies a bit as to the percentage of where they live, but I never thought about finding out what type of photography they collect. When I spent time in galleries in NYC, I found a LOT of landscape photography mixed with street, architecture, and so on. Personally, I love infrared landscapes...beautiful stuff. But if the audience isn't buying landscape, then why are so many photographers selling it?