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I'm doing something wrong then. A very well-known and respected photographer says that over 90% of collectors of photography live in New York City and do not collect black and white landscape photography. My own personal research varies a bit as to the percentage of where they live, but I never thought about finding out what type of photography they collect. When I spent time in galleries in NYC, I found a LOT of landscape photography mixed with street, architecture, and so on. Personally, I love infrared landscapes...beautiful stuff. But if the audience isn't buying landscape, then why are so many photographers selling it?
I don't know that I would agree that 90% of the collectors live in NY, but I think it really depends on the part of the country your in, like I said around here in the west you will see alot of wildlife and what I consider enviromental elements photography, of couse I guess the term 'landscape' could really cover a broad range of photographic styles.