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Thanks to everyone for the info and discussion! I'm wanting to use it for both digital negatives for alt processes and some reproductions of my hand-colored works. I actually work part-time in a print lab, and while I can match my prints quite well to my original images, the reproductions just don't have the same feel on luster paper. I used my 2200 for making prints of my encaustic and glass art on matte paper, and the images were exquisite. They glowed almost like the original piece. When I make prints, I want them to be like that I do use my print lab for client prints, and online places for enlargements over what we can do. They definitely have their place!!

Where are you located? I seriously have not one but TWO 2200 sitting in my basement right now. Let me know if I can help.

Side note: My 2400 is loaded with MIS Eboni which, when done properly, makes some of the most beautiful prints you'll ever see.