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What he said ^^

If an enlarger is complete, works and has the neg carriers and lenses for what you want it for, and the price is right go for it, especially if it comes with all the other darkroom bits too. Don't worry too much about brands. Everybody promotes what they have and there are perennial arguments about diffuser or condenser, glassless or glass neg carriers, colour heads or filters. Seems everybody makes work what they have. Enlargers are cheap these days. If you really do end up with a dog, move it on.
that's true. still, I'm a big DURSTfan.on the other hand,6-element enlarging lenses are all good no matter what brand.Look for package deals.they give you the most fror the buck.you can profit from somebody's wish for a convenient sell.splitting it up takes effort and folks try to avoid that.you can turn that into your benefit, because package buyers are hard to get.