Well, after careful deliberation I've decided to go with a Contax 645 kit.

It basically means I have to part with my rather large Hasselblad kit. Which is not something I'm happy about. And if anyone is looking for a good Hasselblad
kit with tons of accessories, 3 A-12 backs etc., let me know. Otherwise it's going to B&H for not a lot, someone could pay the same and have a kit here if
they wanted. At least I know people here would enjoy and use it, who knows what abuse it will suffer at the store.

Anyway, it's what I've always wanted to get and well it looks like I can piece one together for a couple hundred cheaper than a kit. Puts it in range
after the Hasselblad is gone, unfortunately.

So this is where I'm currently at. Just about to pack the stuff up and send it out tonight, so if anyone is interested let me know before it's gone ha.

The downside is the glass is much more expensive, but I really enjoy Zeiss glass. I think I will be starting out with the 140mm, on my Hasselblad
I never really went away from my 150 unless I needed a faster lens then I'd recompose with my 80. The 150 was really my walkaround lens almost
always. From there I'm not sure which lens I'd branch off to, perhaps the 80 just because it's f2. Not sure, suggestions welcome.