E.von Hoegh,

Thanks! But now I'm more confused. If these Dagor Series III lens cells were made by Goerz in Germany before Goerz was absorbed by Zeiss in 1926, are you saying Goerz never sold them? That they *ALL* became left-overs that B&J bought after WWII?

It seems to me that Goerz would have sold some of them and Zeiss may have sold them for some time until they retooled and engraved them differently. Per Dan's reference my Dagor dates to 1923. Seems to me that we can conclude that it was a genuine Dagor (front cell at least) lens.

Just because B&J bought a bunch of them after WWII doesn't mean that Goerz DID NOT sell any of them before 1926.

So I conclude that there are some Dagor Series III lenses that exist that are not from B&J but from Goerz. Since mine is in a Compur Rapid of 1934-1951 it *COULD* be a B&J remount or a remount by someone else. What if it was remounted in 1938? I guess the shutter serial number would also be a clue as to age. The serial number of 311,589 doesn't make sense as that would put it around 1917:


I decided to remove the cable release mount to see if there were any hidden serial numbers. Bingo! The serial number is 4,311,589 making it a 1937 shutter.

Full serial number:

Full serial number.jpg

Hidden serial number:

Hidden Serial number.jpg

I think my Compur Rapid was modified for use with a cable release. I don't think that Compur would have released it from the factory with one serial number digit hidden. Who added it? Would B&J have done it?

What bothers me is the blank aperture scale. Did B&J remount lenses and NOT provide an aperture scale? Seems to me that they would provide an aperture scale with a lens that they remounted. But mine is blank and looks like it is factory original. When buying replacement shutters you get a blank aperture scale plate. So why would B&J add a cable release adapter and not an aperture scale? I have never examined any B&J remounted Dagors so if anyone has a sample photos that would be helpful.

So at this point I think it is reasonable to assume that the lens was remounted by an independent repair shop and not by B&J. Given the shutter date I think it was remounted pre-WWII as it had the added cable release adapter.