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I have to agree with MDR on this one. I am an artist by training, we were taught how to see first. I agree to a point that it's important to know your tools, but if I am a painter and I were to get so hung up with sable hair brushes and whether they're 3 hairs or 100 and the more exotic the sable, the better I will be able to apply paint... if I had to 'think' so much instead of 'see' so much my feet would never leave the ground. It would kill the soul of my work.

This is just my opinion, though, and my style/philosophy of working isn't for everyone. I just see so many people become crippled by getting so hung up in the mathematical/technological side of things they forget 'how' to see.

I do think though, it (the article) does bring up a very pertinent discussion.
And discuss we shall.

What good is seeing if you don't know how to translate it into a work of art?
In the end you must use your materials, and my opinion is that you don't actually know what to look for unless you know how the rest of the work flow.