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I don't think the OP's confusion was egregious. Reading through this thread, I had some of the same confusion about the source of the glass vs. the source of the cell mountings---it seems that the former is Goerz, the latter B&J, and the shutter mounting is from yet a third source.
So the serial number comes from B&J, and maybe the cell can be dated on that basis. But the absence of an aperture scale on the shutter suggests that B&J didn't do that part; I think you're right that they would have marked it for aperture if it were their doing.

There's nothing too surprising in any of this---mounting a lens in a shutter, assuming the threads are the same, is something absolutely anybody can do. Now, whoever did that, did they get the spacing right between the front and rear cells? The easiest way to find out is to test the lens.

The problem is, we don't know. And there is no way of knowing for certain. As for dating it by B&J's number, good luck - they pulled them out of a hat. Most likely between the late 40s and the early/mid 50s.
As for egregious confusion, I posted a link in my second post showing how the lens would have been marked were it an echte Dagor. I later posted several links to lenses listed on feepay, showing the various markings of various vintage lenses.
I also recommended testing the lens, and gave that reason - spacing.
As for the shutter, Compurs weren't too easy to get for a while after WWII. B&J could well have used a NOS or used prewar shutter. Or someone could have taken the cells from a shutter B&J mounted it in and put it in this one. B&J remounts are best approached with suspicion and a good return policy from the seller - but I know of one, a 270/7.7 (which maximum aperture means the glass dates from the 1890s) that is every bit a Dagor in performance - and I've heard of others. The OP could have a dandy little lens there, only one way to tell.

I've been owning and using Dagors for quite a while, and I've learned everything I can about them. You may want to google my screen name...