I use long lenses more often than not, but once things get too long, you get plane of focus issues with anything even remotely toward the
foreground, and the only way to handle that is with tilt control on a view camera, so that's my normal equipment. But the other day I was out with my 300mm Pentax 6x7 telephoto, since the day started out a bit too windy for view camera use. We still have a bit of haze in the air, so dealing with distant subjects required some strong filters to cut thru that. It's a nice lens for wildlife or quick bad weather shots from the highway. Another reason I took along the 6x7 is that I was also shooting inside a hillside train tunnels the same day, which is still in use,
so I wanted to ability to get out fast once the rails get a bit of buzz to them. There is actually spare room to stand against a wall, but
prefer a bit more distance between me and a hundred stacked cargo containers whizzing by.