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Looks like BH has it in stock now! Freestyle has some sizes in stock. I always like to support Freestyle but when they sell the 100 sheet box of 8X10 for $112.99 while BH has it for $93.99 it's kind of hard. About 19 cents more a sheet.

Anyways looks like it may be a great paper and I'm looking forward to giving it a go. I love using Ilford papers as I'm typically confident that once I like one I can easily obtain it for a fairly long time.
Plus the next ten boxes will be exactly like the one you just tried. Ilford's consistency has been remarkable for me. I can generally print the same negative on paper from a different box or even cut down from a different size with the exact same times as my reference starting print. Good stuff.

And I agree - I try to support Freestyle and do, and also B&H won't ship lots of chems. I will pay a little more for Freestyle sometimes, but some film and paper is so much cheaper from B&H they get the nod.