Regular rod:
Well, I have a budget around $1000, maybe a little bit more if I save some money the next couple of month. I use my Canon 7D from time to time, but not as a professional photographer (earning to pay the bills).
Also the 7D is quite large in comparison to the old 35mm cameras, and it would be nice to downsize a bit, without a loss in quality if you know what I mean. So yeah it would be nice to have something you can fit in your pocket or in a small bag. Aaaand that's where I probably shouldn't have mentioned the F5, because it's as large as the 7D.
Sorry about that.

Ian Grant and darkosaric:
I always thought that Leicas only could use Leica lenses.

By the way, if I decide I want to make gallery size images, is 35mm too small or should I go for the medium format?