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Regular rod:
Well, I have a budget around $1000...
That is equivalent to the budget I had when I was doing the same as you.

I went for 6x9 folders.

Zeiss Super Ikonta 531/2 has coupled range finder. A good example with clean lens is capable of amazing quality and sharpness.

Moskva 5 is a Russian copy and a good one is capable of matching the results of the 531/2.

Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 524/2 has uncoupled range finder. Produces the same quality as the 531/2.

AGFA Record III with Solinar Lens produces even better results than those above.

There are others that are said to produce better results than these, but I'm not so sure and anyway they are well outside "our" budget.

All these fit in a jacket pocket...