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A six-times weekly workout is the norm for me and has been for almost two decades (I am both a 24 Hour of Adrenalin ((solo)) alumnus as well as a ((solo)) Death Race alumnus). Cutting back on coffee is a no-go; my typical work days (5X12 hours with an additional 8 hour day often thrown in for "good measure" - perhaps why I am so selfish/short tempered when it comes to my leisure?) require I stay jacked and focussed. As for alcohol? I doubt I spend more than $200.00 a year on the stuff (morning comes too early!). I think, Brian, the solution to the unsteady lens issue is to be remedied in the choice/modification/customization od equipment...
I stand corrected and should have prefaced my comment with, "When I'm feeling unsteady holding a camera I ought to consider...".

But seriously, I have been an avid user of monopod or tripod on all cameras for many years. They help a lot.