I've collected a number of old prints by ordinary people or run-of-the-mill portrait photographers which are quite lovely, even (and especially)
when they've bronzed or differentially faded in some special manner due to being improperly fixed or whatever in the first place. Once my dad
and I stumbled onto some old tintypes of a bunch of naked Indians beside their bark huts and acorn stashed, and by carefully rethinking all the background distortions and landmarks relative to the primitive lens, actually was able to locate the exact spot it was taken, which turned out to be fairly close to our family ranch up on the San Joaquin. Up here in the Bay Area, a major local collector had been specializing in prints by total unknowns for decades, and recently donated the entire collection to the SFMMA, which they were eager to accept. I wonder how many inkjet prints will have that kind of appeal a century hence.