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No - but the Leica has made it home. Back in my hands one year and two days after I first sent it out.
So one half of Round 10 is complete!
That is good news regarding the Leica, Shawn! However, a round is not complete until we actually see images. A few rounds ago the film from a traveling camera was processed at a drugstore and several images were lost…one of them mine. But I am happy the Leica is back!

Tim, I'm certain, has the holiday spirit as I'm sure we all do. But his frustration targeted on our fun little project here, and only our fun little project, is indeed shared. It is amazing how long these things take. It's great to be positive about things and patience is a great characteristic to have but, come on, eventually something has to give and I'd say the 'fun factor' here has indeed been fading away a bit.

Regarding the Stylus, and speaking of patience, the good people on that list should have a new camera and I'm willing to donate one, you know, being the holidays and all…and having too many cameras in my possession. I don't feel like checking the archives of this thread so if a camera is already on stand-by, never mind. : )

Happy Holidays to all and to all, good night!