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Thanks. For now I'll presume that Canon maintained compatibility across the models, so far Canon cassettes are scarce and pricey - four cassettes will cost more than the camera!!
Hi the camera must have been cheap as I think I got my last Canon P/Canon VI cassette for 8GBP with Canon tub. They don't appear often though.

This is what I wrote in a PM earlier

...the Leica LTM, (and al least some Fed1 and Zorki1) all have 2mm of cassette axial freedom of movement with commercial cassettes to the DIN standard. Note I don't have complete sets of these FSU cameras and it is a well known Leica feature.
Part way through the IIIf production Leitz introduced a finger to the baseplate next to the cassette to stop the film jumping (falling) out of the outer pressure plate rails.
This is unlikely as I've used a IIf, two IIIc, four Fed I and five Zorki I over many decades and not seen it yet, if the pressure plate springs are weak it might happen all the time.
The photo spills over into the sprocket holes...
With Leicas there are two velvet less cassettes (coaxial)
The last is to the DIN standard and will fit both a LTM Leica and a M Leica and should operate ok except for Cl, M5, late M6 and post models M7 and MP. The former cassette is only for the LTM the M baseplate won't close.
The FSU LTM bottom loaders seem to be capable of operating FSU concentric cassettes, but I've got more than one type of cassette so one day I need to do a combinatorial search of which cassettes fit and operate ok in which bottom loader types I have ten or so different bottom loaders and several seemingly different cassettes and I doubt I have complete sets...
Hope this helps your query.
And Nikon, Nicca, Canon, Zeiss for Contax II and IIa, Kiev, Pentax, all did custom cassettes, (think the Pentax had velvet)...
Note the Nikon rfdrs and F and F2 cassettes may not have been all compatible some were, donno about the Contarex SLR and IIa compatibility, donno about the Canon LTM compatibility, the ones I have are all ok in Canon Vi and P but they are 'exactly' the same cameras/ body castings.
The Kiev, Contax II and Contax Iia (that I have) are all fully interchangeable.
It is all 'donno and must try harder'.