Some years ago, I was attracted and bought a bunch of stuff because of one possibility. 70mm B/W infrared was common 15 years ago. I wanted to dedicate a Mamiya Universal to infrared and even did some machine work to get a Graflex 70mm back to fit. Alas, I never got the project completed, and in the meantime, the IR film which doesn't age well at all, is probably no longer an option.

At work we had a Photosonics 14S camera that would take full frame square (14 perfs) images at 5 frames per second. It used Pentax 67 glass and is a beast to hand hold! This year I finally flushed out all of our old film cams except the 14S. Cannot bring myself to let it go. Think, 5 Nikon quality frames per second but in larger than 120 size!