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For LF I just mounted straight to the tripod. For mf I use a hasslblad QR that mounted straight to the tripod. I've found if the tripod has a spinning center column it's very easy and fast to mount the camera.

I will also normally position the camera so the lens and the front leg are pointing in the same direction. It makes it easer for leveling.

I've yet to ever have a situation where I needed a head. Yes some would have been faster to setup but never needed one. I like the extra stabality, as I'm normally shooting in the seconds range.
i was doing this when I first got the sinar but then thought I was being ridiculous and got a sinar tripod head which weighs a ton and adds quite a bit of extra weight to carry and a I really don't think it adds that much difference seeing as it only tilts and swivels so if I need to do critical levelling sometimes I need to adjust the tripod legs where the head doesn't accommodate that movement nor the camera.

perhaps I will revert back to using the tripod without a head at all. the tripod originally had a pistol grip ball head but that was not very good at all and I don't think it was meant for the weight of the f2, the Hasselblad im not so sure I think it will be better to have a head