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Anyone try either of these papers yet?? I got mine but will not have the chance to try them until after the holidays.
Hi Brian -

I gave the Coldtone a first spin last night with the Edwal. It's a lovely paper and the Edwal is indeed gorgeous and gives a VERY cold black with it. I prefer more of a curve in the midtones than a straight line so the Coldtone in Meritol I liked better for my own purposes. The Edwal blew the highlights out a little more than I prefer. (but I don't like bright whites anyway- it's just personal taste). The Meritol was perfect for me so I will probably use that with it. I just shot a roll of HP5+ for the MSA and will be using that and hopefully get more of a feel for it. I will let more of the technically minded folks speak up when they test as. I think it would produce mind-blowing results for street stuff.

All-in-all I think folks will turn out some fantastic stuff with it. I have never used Coldtone papers before, only neutral, so there is definitely going to be a learning curve for me and something I will have to spend some more time getting used to. I haven't toned with anything other than selenium with it and will hope to achieve more in the purple range.

Can't wait to see what folks will be doing with it.