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We here every last bit of news about Kodak's film group shrinking, but news from Fujifilm is silent (aside from which films are lost). I wonder how small Fujfilm's coating facilities and staff have gotten. I guess we'll never really know.
That is something I too noticed and it's quite a curiosity. We don't have anyone who knows directly about the operation of Fuji.

Could speculate that they don't have that huge capacity as they given up MP film (which for Kodak is the gross volume, but could have been for Fuji too). So the whole machinery is now dedicated to just still film.
I recall other uses for the coaters, surely mentioned by PE around here. IIRC, Kodak worked on OLED tech which needed some kind of film coated.

Back to the topic...
The operation around the machine is halted, but the machine is fine despite the flood episodes?