In my time there, KRL had about 2000 people doing R&D in Rochester with 120,000 world wide in overall operations and about 60,000 of them in Rochester. There ere 3 R&D facilities. One here in Roch. one at Harrow England and one at Chalon France.

There was a regular staff and a senior staff for "professional employees" and a "technician staff" for others. We were paired 1 professional heading a Lab with about 20 - 30 in the lab. Each professional staff in the lab had 1 - 3 technicians under them to do work. R&D on a product took up to 5 years. We used a staff of up to 6 professionals and their associated technicians on each product. Support staff included the coating engineers that mad coatings and process engineers that processed them if we did not do it ourselves.

There ya go Tom.