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I have the Alden 70mm bulk loader, a 70mm SS reel and a homemade daylight developing tank that I made out of a daylight print processing tube. Drying the film is a pain! At frame 35 I shoot a blank frame so I can cut the film into 7.5' lengths so that it will hang in my dark room to dry.

Do you have a pic or link to that Alden? All my searches turn up the 35mm version. It would be fantastic to see your home made developing tank too.[/QUOTE]

Sure! Here ya go:

The Alden 70mm bulk loader:

Alden 70 bulk 1.jpg

Alden 70 bulk 2.jpg

My home made 70mm tank. I bought the 70mm 15' reel first and then went looking for something to put it in. It fit in an old Omega Chromega processing tube/tanks for prints. It's about 6 7/8" inside diameter. Takes 96oz of developer

70mm tank 1.jpg

The problem with the tanks was I could not invert it for agitation or all of the developer would spill out. I had cut down a 120 16oz SS tank to fit a 127 (46mm) reel and I had saved the cut off SS ring. I simply epoxied it to the top of the Chromega tanks and a standard Kinderman tank top will keep the liquid in.

I had to cut down the tank as it was quite tall. More epoxy and silicone sealer. I made this tank around 1988 and it's still going strong.

70mm tank 2.jpg

70mm tank 3.jpg

70mm tank 4.jpg

I also mad a 70mm reel that will fit in a standard 16ox SS tank. I took a 35mm 36exp reel and cut it in half. Using a dowel, I spaced the reel ends 70mm apart and epoxied the whole thing. Did this in 1978 to process 26 exp 6x6 frames in 16oz of developer. Works well

70mm homemade reel 1.jpg