So I was cleaning out the attic today, and going through a lot of very very old boxes, and what should I come across but some really really very special camera equipment, one was my grandfather's old movie camera, but the other thing that I was excited about was that my first camera that I ever owned was discovered, at da!!


However as you can see there isn't much to it there's a shutter button and a cocking mechanism to set up for the next shot and that's about it, there's no kind of adjustments, it's a Fisher-Price camera so it was made for children so obviously that's why doesn't have much in the way of adjustment.

It does have a socket for one of those light flash bars, and I actually have a bunch of light bars that I bought off of eBay and then was going to get rid of because I decided I was going to stay away from 110 as I didn't really have a camera and didn't want to spend the money but then I found this!

Anyway I think they also might make a/electronic bar that's reusable for now I think maybe Lomography might make one?

Anyway the whole point of this post is what the heck to a shoot this set is there any kind of knowledge as far as what the exposure shutter speed would be an aperture? It's fixed aperture and shutter speed but it would be nice to know what the ideal lighting situations would be for this camera, and I do know that they do have some 110 film available new, as much as I used to shoot a lot of color as a kid I think for this camera I would probably enjoy shooting black-and-white mostly, so do I get the 100 speed film or the 400 speed film and in what situations can I shoot either?

ANY info would be awesome!