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Cosinas can be very reliable but if they fail they may need parts/modules Leicas can be the same but less likely normally shutters can be rebuilt from generic parts. The Cosina LTM &M lenses are solid workhorses.
Leicas dont need regular service you can use them till they fail- my IIIc not been touched at least since '75, when I bought it, it is near 65 years old.
ContaxII are not uber reliable the ribbons snap regular a Nikon S3 a better shooter.
The Zeiss M is a Cosina module replace camera.

The choice of a rangefinder is do you like the finder? Is the wind on ok?
Subjective things but that is why people buy them.
Like I said, I love working with Leica cameras. And I love working with the rest as well.

I have Leica cameras that have been working for a long time. I also have Leica cameras that seem to need adjustment every year or so. I am not personally sold on the reliability of Leica but that has been my own experience. Others have different experiences.

In the end you pay your money and you take your chances. Fortunately for us they are all great cameras and we can have great fun using them.