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Thanks for the additional info, Ian. Regarding the different traditions, it seems generally speaking the north American market moved over to fine grain/solvent formulas earlier than Europe. Apparently Kodak HDD was never even marketed in the U.S. This particular formulary includes D-163, D-159 "Kodurol" (Glycin)-Hydroquinone, and quite a few Pyro film developers. The only fine grain formulas listed are D-76, D-76d, and DK-20 (and DK-50 if we include that as a fine grain developer). This formulary (June 1944) would have been only slightly too early for D-23 and D-25. Interesting stuff to read.

Also I hadn't heard "Dolmi" before (Kodak's word for Amidol)..
In general Kodak (and the US) actually lagged behind Europe where fine grain and extra/super fine grain developers were introduced much earlier. Hans Windisch published fine grain developers in 1938, Ilfords ID-44 was also pre WWII *and so Dk-20) and Johnsons Meritol based fine grain range had been available for a while. In the US it was Lowe and to a lesser extent Champlin who prompted research into fine grain developers.

Kodak Ltd (UK) branded many products in the UKin the 30's & 40's, Kodesko, Kodatol (DK20) etc but seem to drop them after WWII. See page 3 of the 1944 Formulary.