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I'm going to go with a blue filter as well. I did a filter test and, while I wasn't wearing lipstick (no other model handy at 3 in the morning), my lips were significantly darker than without a blue filter. Unfortunately, I have freckles so they were more noticeable, also. If you're not wanting to show up freckles or other blemishes, a decent coating of foundation is definitely required!
And this is exactly why I am confused! I would have said a blue filter, but that is hardly going to be flattering for a Hollywood starlet! Often, I have noticed that the skin is really blown, but yes, I suppose a lot of that could come down to makeup (my wife hardly wears makeup, so it never comes to mind straight away).

I suppose I am also a touch confused with the likes of Bettie Page - when ever you see her in colour, she has that candy apple red lipstick, but in B&W those lips are quite dark. I also suppose, how often would have she been involved in a shoot at the same time that was both in colour and B&W.