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Well after 6 months of debating whether to buy one, I took the plunge and traded my Mamiya 645 1000S for a near mint Koni Rapid Omega 200. I've been wanting to try out a medium format rangefinder and so far I'm really liking it, it's so much easier to haul around than my RB67. I was kind of surprised to find the KE-58 military contract ID plate on it as well, even though it took a bit of googling to figure that one out. Ran a roll of Arista 100 hrough it today which is currently drying, no light leaks, and good frame spacing. This evening when the negs are dry I'll get to see just how sharp that 90mm Omegon is.
I not sure but think the Air Force was the only branch to use the Koni Omegas. I have used the Koni Omega a few times and really liked the way it handles, I now a Mamiya Univeral, great lens, but the shutter must be cocked, just slower. The Konica Omega backs will also fit the Koni Omega Flex, a twin lens camera, but not a true reflex.