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Why is landscape photography the prefered choice of prints for an overwhelming majority of photographers?
As photographers here we often get caught up in thinking the universe centers around us. Case in point....your question.

I would say that the overwelming majority of photographers that sell prints are wedding photographers. Hundreds of thousands on any given Saturday.

The next group, although they probably aren't prints anymore would be product photographers and fashion photographers.

If you talking about "fine art" then the answer would probably be the same reason that the majority of things hung on your walls, paintings, photographs etc, are so called "pretty pictures" that people use to calm the soul and enjoy to look at.

As for photographers, photographing people is probably harder than landscapes and generally people don't really want other people on their walls.

Most people don't care to have Migrant Mother, or Churchill or child running from naplam displayed in their living room.

Just my skewed point of view.