If you limit yourself to pocketable (sort of) 6x9 folders there are many, many choices. I have, sometimes use, an Ensign Selfix 820 with 105/3.8 Ross Xpres, don't love it. So there's a vote against one.

If you're willing to buy a larger folding camera with interchangeable lenses and, at least potentially, better optics and alignment than available in pocketable (sort of) cameras then think about a 2x3 (or nominal 6x9) press camera. In metal, various Horseman and Linhofs, in wood or plastic Crown Graphic or Century Graphic.

FWIW, I use a Century, also a 2x3 Speed that's bigger, heavier, and not as useful with short lenses. Either with a 101/4.5 Ektar takes better pictures than my nominal 6x9 Ensign Selfix 820 with 105/3.8 Xpres. Note that the roll holders I use in the Graphics have gates 82 mm long, the Ensign's is only 78 mm long.

Lenses? Between my two Graphics I use lenses from 1.5" (doesn't cover the format) to 12". But I carry more gear than two normal sensible people would.

Good luck, have fun,