Thanks guys, yea a while ago I did this to myself... On eBay...


I was thinking I was going to get one of those more fancy cameras that you could adjust stuff and start shooting "professional" images on the small format just for fun, but after re-rolling a lot of other stuff, I realize this would be even more of a pain than anything else, so I scrapped the idea and was trying to trade this but no one wanted it. Lol

Well I threw in one of the flashes and they work, so it seems like the correct adapter for all of these flashes anyway, but do they make an adapter that would turn this into a standard hot shoe? Will have to google that, I think that would be best, trying to find flash bars could get costly...

So f/11 @1/60 or 1/125? Hmm

I tried to listen to the difference between plugging it in and not plugging in the flash, it kind of seems like there might be a difference in the speed, but it's hard to hear the difference between 1/60 and one 1/150th, I also just blinded myself because I thought I threw in the flash bar in the right direction where they had already been popped but I didn't so I wasted a bulb and blinded myself good times!

I'll have to try and get to urban outfitters, they often have the lomography film, I would rather process it myself then have to send it out as I could get costly considering there aren't many labs that can even handle one 10 film anymore which is one of the other reasons I was choosing black-and-white over color... I think it would be fun to shoot the holidays with this camera.

But it would be nice to meter appropriately-ish knowing the shutter speed and f stop. So thanks.