I found a flash adapter on ebay for my best friend, I'm sure they are out of production. It plugs in where a flash-bar goes, and has an hot shoe. It clamps on a regular 110 camera. Your camera is larger so kids could handle it easily, so the adapter will not be able to make contact in the flash-bar receptacle. The reason is, the socket for the flash bar is in a recessed area. Normally, the top of the camera would be completely flush.

You can make an extension from an old flash-bar (you'll have to find a socket) so the flash adapter will work.
My best friend's camera really just is a shell around a regular 110 camera. If yours is similar, you could also take the "shell" off to reveal the pocket-sized camera, and the adapter should clamp on just fine.
Also, there are some adapters that have the flash-bar plug on a wire - one of those may work. I've one that has a connector with flash bar on one side, and flash cube on the other. I got this to use on a couple 126 cameras I am resurrecting.

You might enjoy this video about testing flash bulbs:

Fairview Photo, in my area, will process 110 (although they are annoyed by it). I'm pretty sure they do mail-order: