Had an opportunity to try out the Cooltone FB, for a show on at Silverprint in London. Think I'm going to like it. Very white base and cold black tone in PQ. As I'm still missing the Forte cold paper and now Adox Vario Classic, I wanted it much, much colder. Tried it in Moersch SE6 and got the cold blue black I was after. The addition of Moersch Finisher Blue made it colder though exposure times were then increased. (Expect it is Benzotriazole.) Selenium toner at 1+20 then made it even colder at 3 minutes. Longer times started to change the colour a bit more towards purple I think though didn't keep the tests so can't remember exactly.

Relatively quick printing times and good range of tones and very good shadow detail. A quick test I did over-exposing and under-processing, as I am wont to do, to get a soft tonal range, seemed to work on an initial test but didn't pursue as only had 10 sheets to test. Haven't tried the MG Classic yet but think the Cooltone is going to be an important addition to our palette. With a choice of developers, think the depth of cool tone should be very pliable. Look forward to hearing what others think.