Update, someone mentioned that there might be some kind of little notch that would be different for 400 speed versus 100 speed I do see that I have mostly what I assume to be 100 speed film, the Kodacolor II... It expired in 1980 so there's no actual ASA film speed listed but there is one roll of "Fotomat C-41" film, that the original box said 100 speed film and I wrote that in marker on the cartridge, I was going to add some point change these cartridges out with 16mm film, but then decided that getting those notches done would be tedious, anyway the only role of 400 the film I have does seem to have a different and notch on it, it's just a little bit slightly more indented than the others, so I'm assuming that that's the notch that SOME cameras would use to identify the difference between the two film speed, however this simple camera is definitely not one of them, there's no little kind of switch or anything that is moved or adjusted when you insert the film so there's nothing to identify or change the shutter speed.

Anyway thanks for all the info and here's a picture