Hi gang,

I am currently gearing up for a project that sees me using different films than I currently have in stock, hence I am moving things around a bit.

So for sale is part of my stash of 120 Kodak Tri-X in 20 roll bricks, frozen well below zero since I took delivery, dated 11/2013, $80 each + shipping ( $4.00 per roll ).

Also for sale is some Ilford FP4 in 120, 10 roll bricks, dated 6/2008, frozen as well, $30 per brick + shipping.

I will be shipping these using standard USPS Priority Mail so figure $6.00 for the 10 pack and $12 for the 20 roll bricks. I can pretty much guarantee this film to be in perfect condition, as I do use it, I just need to shift a bit.