This thread reminds me that I loaded a couple 126 cartridges with unperfed (& hand punched) 35mm. I've been waiting for a sunny day, but now remember the flash adapter I have. My Grandmother's Minolta has a bit of a problem firing the flash at times (probably why she stopped using it). I'm going to test it out now, and maybe take some flash pictures with it this week.

cl3m3ns, you can get a tiny punch and make a little jig. I've not gotten around to mine yet. For 126, I went to an art store and found a punch about the right size, and used a couple pieces of balsa wood as a guide. It's a pain, but works. You might find this thread interesting:

For 110, the index hole is between the frames. So long as you space them correctly, and put them the right distance from the edge of the film, it should be fine. It may waste more film if the punch is too big, but it should work.
Also, test the camera you intend to use. My best friend's 110 cocks the shutter after two "winds." I held the indexing pin in, and it still fired the shutter - so perfs may not be necessary (they are on my Grandmother's Minolta, though).