Second printing session trying out the new Coldtone and all I can say is Wow.... WOW! Took some getting used to and adjusting my eye to it, and getting a feel for it's properties. Went back to the Edwal and the results are spectacular, I have to say I was a bit aghast even. I think folks are going to love the stuff. My only regret is not getting the 100pk. Won't give me enough leeway for all my negs. Burned through 1/2 of a box of 25 learning how to adjust exposure. A lot different process then how I work with warmtone. Working on prints for the MSA will be posting my shots within a few days.

I'm not even going to try to tone it yet, I like the results of the straight print so much. I'll get to that over time. I can't wait to see what great stuff people are going to turn out with it.

Really, thanks so much to Ilford for offering a new product, it is lovely paper and new emulsion.